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on musical signal processing


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room acoustics: Navdeep S. Dhillon (thesis)


sonic clouds



1616 the Dutch scientist Isaac Beekman suggested a particle model for sound. According to that model a swinging object cuts the surrounding air into small round particles, which are hurled into the surrounding space and finally cause small impacts on the eardrum.

1946 a quantum mechanically inspired model was introduced, that according to Dennis Gabor could describe all acoustic phenomena which then also in the eighties was proven mathematically by Bastiaans.

"Every tone, even constant musical variation is percieved as composition of a large number of temporally distributed elementary tones. (...) thus a sound contains thousands pure tones in a short period " (Iannis Xenakis)



sonic clouds (a special case of granular synthesis)

the distribution of water or ice particles in the air is being translated into the distribution of short acoustic wave packages (sonic grains) in time and in other aspects of waveform.

Using a form of inverse fast fourier transform, we found a way to sonify real clouds, turning around the association chain.