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Institute for Telenautik

department for creativity research     (translation by babelfish)

Studie:So came (Gold)fisch in the water glass
  1. History
    • 1.1.In the seventies were used gold fish in casting resin poured as plateau paragraphs.
    • 1.2.Aus carrots carved gold fish in the theatre area due to the corresponding colour with living models and due to the fact that these to the consumption are suitable, assigned.
  2. Experiments
    • 2.1.Schaumstoffgoldfisch in the water glass lift prevented the harmonious symbiosis of gold fish and water glass with assistance of a weight successful termination of the experiment. Anmerkung:Corpus of the test object perforates

    • 2.2.Gefrorener food fish, that despite thermal treatment not in the water glass to be domestiziert ability experiment with negative result.

    • 2.3. Interview problem definition:
      1) why gold fish in water glasses are held?
      2)Weshalb are used preferably round of glasses?
      3)Schadet the attitude in round water glasses the gold fish?
  3. Inclusion of the six phase theory
    • 3.1.Problematisierung
      The phenomenon (Gold)fisch in the water glass
    • 3.2.Exploration
      Creation of history and study of the problem field
      see point 2.1. and 2.2..
    • 3.3.Inkubation
      Arise ethical and moral doubts which the attitude of gold fish in water glasses concerns.
      Overcoming of these personal problems in favor of the research.
    • 3.4. Elaboration
      Questioning of a competent small animal dealer over the Domestizierung of gold fish.
    • 3.5.Diffusion
      Appeal at Golfischhalter and personally concerning over radio FSK
    • 3.6. Innovation
      Round water glasses, which are intended by gold fish for the attitude, must a diameter of at least 1 m have.