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His Master s Voice: an interpretation


the telenautik genome project


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can you hear me?
i can hear something, i dont`t know whether it´s you.
well, ok.
do something exceptional
hm, ok, now wait a sec. here is something.
it sounds like distorted noise, is that you?
well, yes and no.
can´t you do something clear? like a sinetone, or a pulsetrain.
difficult task in this complexity here.
but sounds iteresting, anyways.
what do you mean by ²interesting² ?
hm, well, experimental, I´d say.
I´m disappointed.I will now send white noise for eight minutes, i`m sorry.
won't it be too confusing ?
well thats for the listeners to decide
hm. we'll be tired in the end...
or excited !!!
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